Monday, February 27, 2012

We Lacked The Magnetix Connection

Hello my beautiful readers!

I hope everyone had an amazing weekend. My weekend was fantastic! I can just hope that from here on out, things pick up.

On Friday, my sister surprised me with some polishes from the China Glaze Magnetix collection. I could not wait to try them out! Without further ado...

This is Drawn to You with the magnet.
As you can see, there are three different designs.

This is Drawn To You. 
I did one finger at a time.
First, I used one coat of polish and quickly put the magnet to it.
I count to 10 seconds then moved on to the next nail.
I put a topcoat on and the image just seemed to fade.
I used the diagonal magnet. 

This one is Instant Chemistry.
I love love the color. 
I used the star magnet and it just seemed off.
The color is great but the magnet was not.

Cling On.
This polish reacted the best to the magnet. The image was crisp and super clear.
I just need to practice with the placement.

My overall thoughts on this collection?
I am disappointed.
I love China Glaze but I am not loving this.
Either the polish doesn't have enough iron
the magnet isn't strong enough.
I could't tell you why this polish fails compared to others.

I will not be purchasing any other colors from this collection.

What do you think of this polish?
Any tips on getting it to work?


Friday, February 24, 2012

Freshly Picked

Hello my lovelies!!

It's about that time that I crawl out from under my seasonally depressed rock. The winter just really bums me out! I really did try hard to update everyday. I took pictures of my manicure but just never posted them! I'll post them as time goes on.

Today's nail art features juicy red strawberries *smacks lips* YUM!

Ew my cuticles look horrible!! They don't look like that in person!
Base: China Glaze Hey Sailor
Acrylic Paint

See!! The cuticles don't look horrible here.
Anyways, these nails cheered up my day!
It started off dark and rainy.
I am just happy that it's getting warmer
and the days are getting longer!


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Lump Off!

Hey amores!
I hope everyone is well. I have been loving this weather we've been having. The only downfall of having a snowless winter is that I haven't been able to go sledding or tubing yet. A few days ago it was in the 60s here!!!! I am craving Spring and Summer!

Today I have for you Lumpy Space Princess and some Lumpy Space People.
Melissa, Lumpy Space Princess, Brad.
Melissa had an accident with my desk. 
She got smudged and somehow resembles Kirby.
This was a lot of fun to do and I hardly used acrylic paint.
I mainly used nail polish.