Tuesday, November 11, 2014

I am sorry for my hiatus

Hello dear readers!

I want to apologize for being away for so long. This year has been a very rough year for me. In January on my grandmother's birthday, I lost my uncle tragically. I was very much close to him. I couldn't deal with it. It was such a shock. I couldn't get back into the routine of my life.

 I had a brief scare of Leukemia. I was tested constantly. While they did not find anything, I am still being closely monitored and tested. My white blood cells are rising slowly.

In June my mother was in a horrible accident. Someone was speed her and hit the side of her Jeep which caused her Jeep to flip several time. She was lucky to walk away with her life. Then my aunt got into a car accident and broke her arm.

While trying to deal with all of that, in August my grandfather died. My grandfather adopted me when I was 5 years old. He was my everything. He made me feel protected and like I could anything in the world. He came to this country to give a better life to his family and he did. This has affected me tremendously. My work has suffered but I am lucky to work for an agency that understands completely.

I am trying to see the positive side of things and trying to get back into the swing of things.  My grandfather would want me to do that. It doesn't get any easier but I am learning to live with it.

So, readers, that has been my year. I am going to try and blog more often. I apologize for being away for so long. I will continue to post nail art (though I am out of practice, last time I did nail art was in January). I will try to post outfits, crafts and things as the such.

Thank you all for understanding.

I hope you all are well.