Friday, April 4, 2014

Body Acceptance

I, like a lot of people, struggled with loving my body. Everywhere we turn society is telling us how we have to look. Shapewear (spanx), diet culture. Telling us that in order to get a man we have to look a certain way. Compliments are back handed. "You're pretty for a big girl"

I say fuck body shaming and fuck your beauty standards. Last year, I tried on a fatkini and I cried so hard as soon as I tried it on. I hated my body. I was doubting myself. Two days ago, I tried on the fatkini again. And you know what? I fucking loved it. I love my body and I am a fierce, fat, femme. My journey has been a very bumpy one. It is different for everyone but you can do it!

I will be wearing this to the beach, out in public, for the world to see. Last year, if you had told me that I would have told you to fuck off.

I have accepted my body and I love every inch, every roll, all the cellulite I have. I've noticed that this year, a lot of people have begun to accepted their bodies and rock it proudly. Fuck the haters. You will get people that hate fat people. Just remember, they hate themselves and that is why they need to project their bad energy out into the world.

If you like something, wear it! No matter how short or tight. Fuck flattery!