Tuesday, January 31, 2012

It's Aquadelic baby!

Hola amores!

I hope every had a great weekend. This weekend was crazy. The people who live above my boyfriend, well, their pipe burst and it started raining in my boyfriend's apartment. We had to go about with an umbrella and rain boots until the property manager came.. It was 4 in the morning!
 I can't believe it's Tuesday already!
Today I have for you a nail swatch. No nail art. I haven't had time.

China Glaze Aquadelic is from the Electro Pop collection. It's a gorgeous aqua creme color. 
I had a bit of a problem applying this but with the second coat it was fine.
It was a bit on the thick side.
I used this as the base for the Adventure Time BMO post.

I don't have much of the Electro Pop collection but I fell in love with them.
I will be getting more.

What colors do you like from the Electro Pop collection?

Until tomorrow!