Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Magnetic Attraction

Hola amores!

Happy New Year to all! I hope everyone had a safe and Happy New Year.
I somehow misplaced my nail art brushes so I haven't been able to do any.
I need to check all of my bags and check my boyfriend's apartment.
I hope I find them because I seriously cannot remember what brushes I have.

Today I present to thee my first magnetic nail polish.
nails inc Houses of Parliament.

Houses of Parliament magnetic nail polish is a metallic purple shade.

This unique formula has been specially developed with metallic particles to create a pattern on the nail using magnetic forces. As the magnet is held over the nail, the iron powder in the formulation gravitates toward the magnet forming the pattern/design secretly hidden in the magnet for an astonishing finish!
 (description taken from nails inc website)
nails inc can currently be found at
As well as
Though they do not ship the US.

What do you think about magnetic nail polish?


  1. Oh man I hope that you can find your brushes!!! :O

  2. Ashesela, if I don't find my brushes, I am going to be very very sad!! Haha but I know I will find them because I have never lost anything in my life.

  3. I've been wanting to try these polishes....have to buy them soon! This looks awesome!

  4. Magnetic nail polish is sooo cool, I really want to try it out. Love how your nails look! x