Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Del Sol: Beach Bum

Prior to my cousin going away to college, we have never heard of Del Sol. One of her roommates told her about it and showed her two Del Sol polishes she owned.

We were walking around the Pru (Prudential Center) and came across one of the carts and lo and behold it sold Del Sol!!

Del Sol sells color changing polishes. Once exposed to sunlight or black light, the color in the bottle will change to the color advertised on the front.

My cousin bought Beach Bum (I bought another that I will post later).
The color inside of the bottle is the color that goes on your nails.
Once exposed to sunlight, artificial light doesn't work, it's supposed to change to the color of the hibiscus
on the front.
 This is 4 coats of Beach Bum. My nail line is still very visible, which bothered me.
It's a peachy jelly base. Boring.
So I stuck my hand into the sunlight and got this:
The color looks nothing like the color on the bottle.
My nail line is even more visible!!
It turned a weird gray color.
The reason why we bought this color was because we loved the color it changed to.

I wouldn't recommend Del Sol Beach Bum to anyone. It's boring and will take many coats to appear opaque.
For $10, it's totally not worth it.


  1. I wonder if layering it over a nude or white creme would make it look better... Or maybe sandwiching glitter between coats for added interest?

  2. I am going to definitely try that! Thank you!