Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sally Hansen: Hot Wired

My apologies for my lack of posting. We were hit pretty bad due to Hurricane Irene, not as bad as other areas though. My thoughts and prayers do go out to those who have been affected by Hurricane Irene.

A few days ago, I was in CVS and came across Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail strip in Halloween designs. I got the green ones thinking they were Frankenstein stitching. When I came home, I was disappointed to see that they were supposed to be barbed wiring. Plus they were $10.99!!!! Are you kidding me?


I didn't even have these on for more than 24 hours and I already had tip wear.
It began to pull away from the sides.
I so badly want to love these. But the price deters me the most. 
They are great if you need to do a manicure but do not have time to paint your nails then wait for them to dry.
I would recommend getting them but only if you have CVS extra bucks or something.


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  1. Yeah, they are pricey, so like you say I use extra bucks or at least wait for a sale. I do like them a lot and get great wear out of them. I make sure to smooth them down along the edge with the flat side of the orange sitck and haven't had any lifting problems.