Monday, August 22, 2011

Geek Week: Wingardium Leviosa

Day 5: Harry Potter

Today is the last day of Geek Week. I've had a lot of fun doing a themed week. Especially one that I actually fell through with each day.
My cousin gave me the idea to do Harry Potter themed. Harry Potter has been a huge part of her life, since she was 8 or 9. Harry Potter is such an amazing series! I can't believe it's over.
Anywho, here's the nail art.
Thumb: Deathly Hallows
Pointer: Gryffindor
Middle: Slytherin
Ring: Ravenclaw
Pinky: Hufflepuff

A lot of people were confused about the house colors. In the movies, Ravenclaw is portrayed as being blue and gray/silver. In the books, Ravenclaw's colors are blue and bronze. I chose to go with the book colors.

Here's a better look at the house colors:

On to what I used! It was a lot of polish!
Base Color: Maybelline Classic Black
Deathly Hallows Symbol: White Acrylic Paint

Base Color: China Glaze Phat Santa
Image Plate: BM20
Stamp Color: China Glaze 2030

Base Color: Sinful Colors San Francisco
Image Plate: BM20
Stamp Color: China Glaze Millennium

Base Color: China Glaze First Mate
Image Plate: BM20
Stamp Color: Sally Hansen Bronze Ablaze

Base Color: Sally Hansen Lightening
Image Plate: BM20
Stamp Color: Konad Black

All topped with a coat of Seche Vite!

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