Friday, April 29, 2011

MAC: Girls Will Be Girls

Girls Will Be Girls came out in 2008 for the MAC Fafi Collection. It's pink with coral pearl. Delicious. I love how over the top girly this nail polish is. I am an extremely pale person and it looks great against my tone but I think it would look better against darker tones.
Here is an intentionally blurred photo so you can see the pearl. <3__<3
So of course, I can't stand not hanging something else on top of the nail color.
Soooooooooo I did this:
 I thought it would make it girlier but for some reason I do not like it at all.
Plus, LOOK!!!, shrinkage (teehee).
For the first time ever!
Base Color: MAC Girls Will Be Girls
Image Plate: Konad M71
Stamp Color: Orly Wild Wisteria

I am not a fan of this konadicure fail bomb. Opinions?


  1. I thin its pretty cute. What you said about the wedding is crazy. I heard there is going to be a guard every 5 feet in London and they are pulling soldiers (or guards) out of the war just to work security at the wedding.

    I like this color too. Nice job!

  2. The color is gorgeous! Kinda reminds me of Orly Gilded Coral from the Precious collection.