Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sally Hansen: Raspberry Race

This is one of the colors I picked up yesterday during my drugstore haul.
Raspberry Race is a purplely, pink shade. Gosh I am horrible at describing things. While applying it, I wanted to lick it. Raspberry race is a perfect name for this. I used two coats.
I can't stand to have my nails with no design.
I whipped out my H19 plate that I ordered from Chez Delaney. I will do a review on those (amazing!!!) products later.
It was hard to capture the design because I used my flash and the stamp color was silver chrome.
Base Color: Sally Hansen Raspberry Race Insta Dri
Stamp Color: Sally Hansen Color Quick Fast Dry Nail Color Pen in Silver Chrome
Image Plate: Chez Delaney H19
Top Coat: Seche Vite
Look at the cute little birdie!!!



  1. HOW did you do this? It's incredible!
    Please contact me, I'm dying to do this.

    Korryne Corriere on Facebook.

  2. Very nice manicure!!! Picked up a bunch of the pens on sale this weekend and you just gave me a great idea of how to use the pens...thanks!!!