Thursday, November 3, 2011

Clean cup, clean cup. Move down.

Today is day 3 of the 30 days of untrieds! As promised, I have an earlier post today. But still late. I have no idea how time has been managing to slip me by!!

The polish I chose today is OPI Mad As A Hatter. I got this recently from Taylor.
I don't know why I didn't get it when it first came out!
Mad As A Hatter has green, blue, purple, pink, silver, orange and every other color of micro-glitter packed into a clear base.
I used 2 coats though I should have applied another coat. 
I see some balding in these photos.
I purposefully blurred this so you can see how it looks when it glitters!
You can find Mad As A Hatter on eBay for ridiculous prices!
Onto the nail art!

Mad Hatter hats and tea cups spilling tea!
I got the idea for the Mad Hatter hats from IHaveACupcake from youtube.
How could I wear OPI Mad As A Hatter and not do Alice in Wonderland nail art?
It would be a shame!
Sometimes, I feel my nails are too small to do what I want to do. 
The splash marks on the tea cups didn't come out as planned. 
But I still love this mani!!

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Until tomorrow my lovelies!!!



  1. I love all the glitter and sparkle. I have never seen Alice in Wonderland. Your nails make me wanna watch the movie.

  2. This makes me smile so much:] I love Alice in Wonderland, it's one of my favorite books

  3. That OPI polish is wonderful!

  4. WOW I wish I would have bought it also, and the nail art is fantastic!