Sunday, November 6, 2011

Night Sparkle

Today is day 6 of the 30 days of Untrieds. I looked through my swatch book, closed my eyes and picked!
So today, I have Hello Kitty Liquid Nail Art Night Sparkle for you!

Night Sparkle is an opaque black with gold and green shimmer!!
*licks lips*
It's such a gorgeous color!!!
Look at that shimmer!!
I am completely in love with this color!!
Look at how the shimmer just glows. 
It is very very noticeable!

I've had a fever off and on this entire weekend so I wasn't feeling up to doing some nail art
It's been a while since I stamped so I decided to do it!
Please don't mind my thumb, I filed it down when I did my bloody Halloween nails. 
I chose to use Konad image plate M79.
The stamp color is Sally Hansen in Silver Chrome. 
I was afraid the stamping would overpower Night Sparkle but it didn't!
As you can see on my pointer, the shimmer shines on through!!!

Night Sparkle is definitely a keeper!

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Until tomorrow my lovelies.


  1. This is double amazing!
    1. I LOVE Hello Kitty
    2. I love a dark polish with a shimmer
    Do they still have these available, anywhere???? please let me know.

  2. Thanks mamita! Yes this is still available. I got mine at Sephora. It's also available at You need it ASAP!!!


  3. :[ awww, sorry you were sick!
    But this is seriously gorgeous, I love it!!

  4. Whoaa what a cool color :D Is this a new one? I didn't see it when the Hello Kitty polishes first came out.

  5. I love this stamp design! I need to use it-I know I have it-am going to crack that plate out for next time! These colors together are great as well!

  6. I love the polish,and your nail art! And also because I LOVE your blog, I have awarded you the Liebster Blog award. Go here to claim it