Monday, November 7, 2011

I Never Promised You A Rose Garden

Hello my beautiful followers! Welcome to Day 7 of the 30 Days of Untrieds!!! This is an amazing challenge. We polishaholics sometimes buy polishes and don't get around to trying them right away. It's the reason why I am loving this challenge. 

Today I have a polish brand this is not well known at all. In fact, the only other thing about it on the internet (that I found) was when I mentioned it in a previous haul post.

Bonita in Treasure Chest
I found Bonita nail polishes at a boutique called Francesca's.
I don't know it it's nationwide or not.
These are tiny polishes at 8ml each bottle. 
They were 2 for $1 or something like that.
Treasure Chest is a gorgeous darkened gold with multicolor shimmer.
If you click the photo above and look at my middle finger, you can see the shimmer.
It's hard to photograph it properly.

I've always been afraid of doing these vintage roses. I have no idea at all why.
It's the same thing with a smokey eye.
\ I can do whatever makeup you want me to but when it comes to a smokey eye, I freak out!

Anyways, I am happy I did the vintage roses.
I love the way they came out!!!
It's super easy to do and they look great!

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  1. Beautiful roses. Is there any where else other than that boutique where you can purchase this polish?

  2. Thanks Nory! I think this is the only boutique that it can be purchased from. Would you like me to pick some up for you?

  3. Ooo I like that, very nicely done. That polish is lovely too. I've never seen that brand before.

  4. @shopping addict. I've never heard of it either until I stepped foot into that store. They have cute colors!


  5. I have seen Bonita polishes at Francesca's as well!

  6. I've also been nervous about doing the roses. Maybe I'll try them! It's going to have to wait until the new year though because I've got so many ideas lined up until then!

  7. I love the gold with the pink! It's a great combo. Love your roses! (:

  8. So freaking beautiful! Love the gold background for the rose mani!

  9. oooh, I love these kinds of challenges best because you usually get to see polishes by lesser known brands that are hard to find out about. :D I think I saw this polish at my local dollar store so I'm going to run out and get it tomorrow! Thanks for the great swatch!

    How many coats did it take?

  10. Did you base the title of this post off the novel by Greenberg? Your vintage roses look really nice!