Friday, November 4, 2011

If that's the Happiness Hotel, I'd hate to see what the sad one looks like.

Hello my dear readers!!!
Today is Day 4 of the 30 Days of Untrieds. This was not my first choice. I tried doing nail art on the other manicure and fail miserably. I am going to keep trying to try drawing it (it's a secret) and eventually post it.

For Day 4, I chose OPI Warm & Fozzie.

Warm & is bronze with pink and golden flecks and in certain angles can look rather like olive.
This was the color that I was most excited for out of the entire collection.
Fozzie Bear will always have a special place in my heart.
I blurred this one intentionally so you can see the flecks I am talking about.
I'm sorry about my messy nails. Today has been a very lazy day. I woke up exhausted!

I love love LOVE the way Fozzie came out.
Granted I do not have a darker brown (suggest me some please!!!) for his hat and brows.
Despite that, he is sooo cute! I love him!!

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Until tomorrow my lovelies!!!



  1. This is just adorable I love this! And the polish itself is wonderful.

  2. This was the only color that I really liked from the Muppet Collection. I love the Fonzzie accent finger!! lol :)
    Also, I gave you a blog award on my blog. Your blog rocks!!