Thursday, November 10, 2011

Nail News!!!!

Today I was getting some last minute things an decided to go into different stores looking for new polishes. I came across a display of new Sally Hansen nail strips! I saw these at Bed Bath and Beyond!
The new collection includes:
I Love Lacey
Animal Instinct
Love Letter
Sweet Tart-an
Mod About You
Tweed-le Dee
Tri-bal It On
Spring Fever
Tattoo Much
Queen of the Jungle
Hear Me Road
Tie-Dye For

I think I would actually get 1 or 2 of these. 
The price always turns me off.
Will you be getting of these?



  1. I really like a few of these. I also get turned off by the price too though. I usually wait til they go on sale. You hear that Sally Hansen! Drop the dang prices please!

  2. I want the tattoo ones and the ones that look like hand writing, I want those so bad.

  3. What store did you find these in???

  4. oooh, some of these are really cool!

  5. Frankenstyna, I got these at Bed Bath and Beyond!
    If you want me to get you some, I totally can.


  6. I haven't seen these yet but now I need to go hunt them down to check them out in person! The Bed Bath and Beyond near me doesn't carry cosmetics, but the one out in the city does. I usually go on a city polish hunt once a month or one every other month, but I need to go soon because all these holiday collections are rolling out and I'm loving them!

  7. Thanks for posting, it's about time Sally gets some different patterns!!! I love those nail stickers, they really do work well. I usually put a clear coat on top of the sticker and it lasts even longer, however, i'm with you on the price. For some reason I just hate spending $10 on a pkg of them. I wish they were $5 a package, i'd buy so many more! xoxo