Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Day 27: Inspired by Artwork

I couldn't pick just one piece of artwork. One of my favorite artists is Joan Miro who is a surrealist. I have a print of Harlequin's Carnival hanging in my room.

He was a huge inspiration of mine in high school. All of my art mimicked his. 
It is so chaotic and colorful. I would spend hours upon hours just studying his work.
Base color: Essie- Ballet Slipers
Black, Red, White, Yellow Acrylic paint

So readers, I ask you, who is your favorite artist!?



  1. It looks great! :)

    I can never pick only one favorite artist, but I love Andy Warhol, Salvadore Dali and of course the old master himself - Leonardo da Vinci.

  2. LOVE!!!!!! you did an awesome job! I love andy warhol and Jason pallock. I just noticed we are both in Boston MA!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. This is beautiful, you did a wonderful Miro job! I love his stuff too, but my all time favorite artist is probably Eyvind Earle, he did these crazy paintings that seriously GLOW with color, it's out of hand.