Thursday, September 29, 2011

Day 29: Supernatural

Hi hi!!!! I spent ALL day trying to figure out what to do. I tried doing Cthulhu nails.. But I do not have good brushes soooo they came out horribly! But they did look like Zoidburg! hahaha Then! I was going to do some occult symbols but decided against it! I sat at my desk staring at the wall and I looked down at my lap top and was inspired by a sticker I have on it!
Ghosts coming from the grave.
How cute?!!? I love it! The ghosts glow in the dark but I couldn't photograph it properly
Base Color: Sally Hansen- Midnight in NY
Image plate: BM223
Stamp Color: Konad White
Grave Color: Sally Hansen- Presto Pewter
RIP: Black Acrylic Paint
I hope everyone had a great day today!! 
Until tomorrow, which is the last day of the challenge.

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