Sunday, September 4, 2011

Day 3: Yellow Nails

So I must apologize for the last post. Today was a super super busy day. Right now is the only is the only down time I've had. Anywho, day 3 of the 30 day nail challenge is yellow nails.
Revlon: Electric 
This is a bright yellow with a gorgeous gold shimmer to it. Electric applied beautifully (for me), though I know other bloggers have had problems with it. I used 2 coats and top it off with Seche vite.
Apparently this is a great dupe for Chanel Mimosa.
I wouldn't know since I don't own it.
If you look closely at the picture (click it), you can see the shimmer. I am happy I got this color.
I earned 4 ECB at CVS when I bought it.
Again, I apologize for the late post. Tomorrow's post will be earlier. 
By the way, I really recommend this polish. It's gorgeous!
Til tomorrow!!

P.S. How does everyone feel about the new blogger layout?

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