Thursday, September 22, 2011

Day 22: Inspired by a song

I sat at my desk, staring at the wall trying to figure out which song to chose for this manicure. The song I chose is:

                              The Misfits- The Crawling Eye

Base color: 
Wet n Wild- Black Creme
Black, White, Green, Red Acrylic 
I really need to invest in some brushes instead of using toothpicks.
At first, it was hard getting the muscles down (as you very obviously can see).
But then I got the hang of it!
So yeah, I am unsure of this manicure. It was great in my head.. then this fail happened.
Oh well!!
Til later my pretties!!



  1. dont think its a fail, the eyes looks pretty cool!

  2. Great song and totally fun mani! Sometimes the ramping process of a design is super frustrating (when you get that one nail that's all wonky because it was the first), but that's the only way we get better, right?

  3. Haha - I LOVE this manicure! Great job. This is a very original design. :)

  4. Love these!!! I think they look perfect!