Thursday, October 6, 2011

Haul P.1

Today was an amazing nail day. I went around doing errands with my mother before she got her B12 shot. So we went into the Rite Aid near me (I forgot it existed) and wow. I made out like a fat rat!
Look at how pretty they are!
They are so pretty!!!!
I didn't find any flakies :( 
They are so bright and so cute. I can't resist them!!
So I turned the corner, to see if I found any flakies 
and to my surprise, look at what I found!!!!!
There were other colors but I bought these for now since I am in denial about winter being around the corner.
Aren't they so cute!!!

I think it may be about time I buy a Helmers!!
I hope everyone is doing well!!


1 comment:

  1. Snowmen! Already? That's just crazy. I guess I shouldn't be surprised--I ran into a 6 foot tall Santa figure in CVS the other day. I would have scooped up the snowmen if I saw them, though. :)