Monday, October 3, 2011


I don't know if it happens to anyone else but every time, I sit down to do my nails. I am needed by a family member to do something so my nails get smudged. It happened twice today!!

This weekend was a great one. My boyfriend and I went to Fest of Flesh. It started off with a metal band, then a burlesque show, the a zombie costume contest, then a horror movie. It went from midnight until 4AM.
We had so much fun. I hope everyone's weekend was just as awesome!
This was so much fun to do!!
Base Coat: Wet n Wild- Black Creme
Slime: China Glaze- In The Limelite
The slime was done with the Orly Dotter Duo
I love doing manicures like this! It's so much fun.

Since my nails are green today, I would like to share with you one of my costumes from the past.
I was an Orion girl and my boyfriend was Captain Kirk (we're nerds).
This took a very very long time to do. I think I spent 4 hours on the body paint.
That does not include the makeup.
Eeeee! I love Halloween so much! I can't wait!
I'll be sharing more costumes from the past in upcoming posts!
I hope you enjoy!

Until tomorrow my pretties!


  1. So much awesome happening here between the costume and the nails and the killer weekend (jealous!) -- you're rockin' the Monday! And yesss there's always some distraction to screw up a good mani; when I've got a lot of time I'll actually do one hand at a time so that I have at least one hand free to do stuff.