Sunday, October 23, 2011

Poison Apple

Hello my beautifuls!
I am sorry for the late late post today. We were bust celebrating my sisters birthday!
I only have one picture of my manicure. It's a total fail. I am not kidding. This just would not translate. This weekend was a horrible weekend for nail art.
China Glaze: Phat Santa
Sally Hansen: Whirlwind White

As I post this, I am cringing. It's so horrible. 
They were supposed to be the poison apple from Snow White. 
Hahaha far from it.
Oh well!!
Add this to the list of manis to redo!

Until tomorrow my pretties!!



  1. It may not have been what you wanted, but the design itself still looks pretty cool.

  2. Thanks for posting this even though it wasn't what you'd hoped. I'm seeing aliens instead of apples, but still spooky. :)