Friday, October 21, 2011

Dead Man's Bones!!!!

Today, I was inspired by the amazing band Dead Man's Bones. Plus, I haven't done a skeleton look yet, well, not that I can remember!
Right Hand:
Base Color: OPI I Only Date Werewolves
Wet n Wild Correction Tape
OPI Mummy Knows Best
Piggy Polish Nocture-Nail
Today's nails were a lot of fun. 
Have you ever done nail art and actually impressed yourself?
Well I am so impressed with how Skelie came out!!!
The bones are another story!!
They are wonky, oddly shaped and hahah I dunno.
Before the clean up. Sheesh, I am very very messy when it comes to doing my nails!
I have a busy weekend ahead of me but I am still going to find time to post my nails. 
Until tomorrow my pretties!!!



  1. keep blowing me away! Dammmmmnnn! I probably sound like a broken record...but...these are the best skeleton nails I've ever seen. Look at all that detail! I really want to try this so badly. All your designs are impressive.

    (Hehe, I gush a lot about your nails, don't I?)

  2. Your skeletons are so great!

  3. This is an amazing skeleton mani! I just found you blog and is blown away by your nail art.. :) Aaawesome! (said in a high pitch voice) :p