Sunday, October 2, 2011


Hello beautiful people!!!
I woke up with an awful migraine but still managed to do my nails!
I bring to you today a CRIME SCENE
dun dun dun!!!!!!
The crime scene outline looks like it's dancing!!
Base color: Wet n Wild- Black Creme
White and Black acrylic
Crime scene tape: Sally Hansen- Lightening
I am really sorry that my hands look dirty. I have no idea why they look like that. Maybe the black acrylic paint?
Anyways, little did I know, today is the season premiere of Dexter!!!
How perfect is this?!
Until tomorrow my pretties!!

Oh I have a question!
Can anyone recommend me some good nail art brushes??
The ones I have are horrible!! 



  1. I admire you to wake up with a migraine and not only do your nails, but a nail art as well... Well done! What kind of brushes are you looking for? For face, eyes, nails?

  2. Thank you! I am looking for good nail brushes. I have horrible brushes right now! Any recommendation would be great! Thanks


  3. Oh, with that I can not help, sorry. I don't do nail art and those couple times when I do, I don't use nail art brushes. =/ Sorry, but I'm completely useless.

  4. You are not useless at all!! Thanks so much!

  5. Love the noir photo -- these turned out great! Check out the MASH brush collection, I tend to use those the most out of all the brushes I've picked up (they've got it on Amazon). There are like 3 different sizes/options of each type of brush (pointed, slanted, flat, etc.) so there tends to always be one that's right for the job.

  6. This is one of the coolest manicures I've seen in a long time. :) Great job, and you really got in all those fine details. I'm so impressed!