Monday, October 17, 2011

Ki Ki Ki, Ma Ma Ma

It's no secret that I am a horror fanatic... It verges on the edge of horror snob or so I have been told!!
I am feeling a little bit better. This is the second sinus infection I've had this month. I keep putting off seeing the doctor.
Hockey Mask:
Base Color: OPI Mummy Knows Best
Tan acrylic paint stippled with my finger
Black and red acrylic paint for the details
China Glaze: Ghoulish Glow

Base Color: Butter London All Hail The Queen
Black and red acrylic paint
Blade: Deborah Lippmann Waking Up in Vegas mixed with Love & Beauty Silver

I had a lot of fun doing this manicure. 
I was watching the season finale of Breaking Bad so it took me a lot longer than I would have liked.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE Breaking Bad. Sooo good!!
How cute!! Ah I love them!!
I truly love doing nail art!!
I had an awesome weekend!! 
I hope everyone had a fun and safe weekend!!
What's your favorite scary movie?

Until tomorrow my pretties!!!



  1. I'm also a horror fan... I didn't realize until recently that I watch at least one horror movie pretty much everyday. Sometimes I don't get to actually sit and watch it, but I'll have it on while I'm doing other things. I usually like to watch one during my exercise time.

    Great mani! :)

  2. AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING. I love the pretty sparkles around the machete haha. My favorite scary movie (at the moment) is probably Pieces. But depending on the day you ask me, it will probably change! I did just watch Ghoulies yesterday, which was... entertaining...

  3. SO freaking awesome! You stun!

  4. LOVES IT. And right there with ya on Breaking Bad -- I have no idea where they're going next season but holy crap that ending (that final scene with Gus... balls!).

  5. Doesn't that sound just make you cringe when you watch Jason movies!! I am a horror movie fanatic!! I love these!!!!! Am a new follower!